A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A small artistic adventure game made in 3 days by a team of 3 people on Ludum Dare 40.

Game by Rusnak Lab. (Andrey and Eugenia Rusnak) and Maxim Karpenko.
Music: Misha Mishenko — Mountains in My Bones.


ld40_ignite.zip 10 MB
ld40_ignite_mac.zip 11 MB


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The art was just astonishing and the gameplay was an easy kinda hard but i really enjoyed it

Simple yet powerful


This looks great, do you mind uploading the game to itch.io? I'm weary about dropbox links disappearing :O

too late... its gone...

I uploaded the game, thanks for the comment :)
Soon there will be versions for other platforms.

Admin (Edited 1 time)

Actually, while I have your attention. Can you remove the Dropbox link entirely? Dropbox links don't work in the "External url" field, since it expects to get a URL that is a direct link to the file, not another website where you can download the file. Right now if someone clicks the download button it won't work.

Thanks, we have removed the link.